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Mark it or lose it! We provide the ultimate deterrent, offering comprehensive marking systems in Calgary and the surrounding area. MARKED ITEMS HAVE NO RESALE VALUE

About us

Located in Calgary, Stoptheft Marking Systems is the only company in Canada offering the use of various loss prevention marking systems. Since 1996, more than 14,000 new home building's sites have been protected and no marked materials or mechanicals have ever been stolen.

In addition to homebuilders, our systems are used by industrial, commercial, retail, educational and consumer clients.

Tools –Bikes – Golf Clubs – Skis & Snowboards - Laptops
Because of their high price tag and demand these items are commonly stolen . Unlike your car or truck, they are not easily traced back to their owner. We provide comprehensive marking kits to keep your property safe.

How Stoptheft Works
The first level in deterring theft is to clearly and visibly warn thieves that your materials and property are marked. We use a wide variety of signage to achieve this. Secondly, the item or items are visibly marked and small warning decals attached. Then, UV (ultra violet) material is applied as further back up.

Lastly, in some cases the items are also engraved. Thieves know marked items have no resale value and will move on to steal unmarked property. Marking materials and systems are protected as Intellectual Property.

Tools & Clubs
Because of their high price tag and demand, tools are very commonly stolen items. Unlike your car or truck, power tools are not easily traced back to their owner. We provide comprehensive tool marking kits to keep your power tools such as drills, saws, sanders and more safe. Stoptheft Marking Systems in Calgary provides golf kits so you can mark your golf clubs.

Life in the big city means you’ve probably had a bike stolen from you at least once in your life. You can buy the most expensive lock on the market, but criminals always find a way to get their mitts on your possessions. We protect your bicycle with bike kits so that thieves can’t resell it.

Protect your property with our home marking kits at Stoptheft Marking Systems in Calgary. These kits are designed to mark and protect the items in your home, including televisions, tablets, cameras, smartphones, laptops, jewellery and sporting goods.

Give us a call today to learn more about our services. Ask us about our licensing availabilities in other areas!

Home and business protection

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  • Syncrude (tool cribs)

  • Rockyview School Division

  • University of Calgary Engineering

  • Hell on Wheels Productions (props)

  • Gleneagles Golf Course

  • Greywolf Golf Course

  • Springs at Radium Golf

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